Samstag, 11. Juli 2015

Playing With Art Pops Cards, Incredible Letter-Magnets And New Journal Pages

Here I have played with some watercolor and even it is not my normal style I love it so much :)

AJP97 "Was Gibt Es Heute?"

Here I use leftover fluid paint and in the end some digital addons


'The more I see the more I know how much more I haven't. I am an empty cup despite the years spent filling it. There is so much I haven't yet learned. There is so much more waiting to be found. - Tyler Knott Gregson

But here is the best one:

This BEAUTIFUL Letter-Magnets arrived some days ago sent to me by the wonderful Eleni from
I am so blessed to now can arrange my name in these eyecatching  letters from around the world :)

Please go and visit her website, 
she has so much faszinating things and ideas to offer there!!

Then I have some other colorful post:
send me her incredible Art Pops Cards from her new collection "In the garden"!

I have made a video about incorporate them into my artjournal
lets have a look

AJP98 "The wonderful Smell"

And last but not least two more journal pages for you to enjoy
with some words from the incredible Tyler Knott Gregson, which work I totally adore these days :)

AJP96 "Legalize Love"

'New earth underfoot, soil of a new country that legalizes love.' Tyler Knott Gregson

AJP93 "Stare Out With Wonder"

'Stare out with wonder and feel the world staring back; 

it sees your magic.' Tyler Knott Gregson

So I hope you have had fun, sneaking through and see you next time ;)


Happy creating